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In the final stages of new Album coming soon.
Fall 2017

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Alone... and thinking of you
Romantic Jazz

In Alone . . . and thinking of you, Boris explores the poignancies of Romance in a penetrating, sometimes sharp, avant-garde expose.  He thoughtfully probes the asymmetrical moods and complexities of Romance – Romance noir – with exquisite precision and eloquence.  

As always, each track is carefully sequenced to guide us on a highly nuanced, slightly urbane quest deep into the mystique of Romance.  In the end, he leaves us pondering the bittersweet and drama that make it all so real.  

But he does not leave us with heartache and “Alone” in the night  . . . in his uniquely wordless art, he gives us empathy and tenderness and hope . . .
Listen once, listen again, and again to experience the misty beauty of 
Alone and thinking of you . . .

Headphones highly recommended!

Descubrir  El  Paraiso
Paradise Found
Boris plays Latin Romance
available on
iTunes, Amazon, and cdbaby!


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