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Francine's Parents, Sylvia and Harry Beers

Francine Circa 1927

Francine with Mickey Rooney
in One of the Boys

Francine (center front) with her friends

Francine (middle) on set of King of the Whole Damn World

Francine with Shirley McLaine
on the set of In Her Shoes

In Memory of Francine Beers

In Loving Memory of Actress Francine Beers

Francine with John Mahon in Monopoly
Francine Beers was born in 1924 in Brooklyn, New York.  She was the only child of Harry and Sylvia Beers.  Francine’s father had 2 sisters in show business, Rose and Sally.  One was in Vaudeville and the other was in the Ziegfield Follies.  Francine used to tell the story of her aunt coming to visit.  Her aunt sang and she and Francine’s mother, who was an accomplished pianist, would rehearse together.  Francine said her aunt used to sit her on top of the grand piano and coach her how to sing when she was a small child.  Francine’s father, died when Francine was 15.  She and her mother moved in with her grandparents until Francine graduated from high school in Brooklyn in 1942.  The program for her graduation shows that Francine acted in the Senior Class play Forward March.  Francine auditioned for radio commercials, and was hired to sing advertising jingles, then highly popular on radio, for many brand name products of the era.

Francine having dinner after performance
After graduation, Francine and her mother moved from Brooklyn to a modern apartment on West 65 Street in New York City.  Her mother was a sophisticated woman who worked at Bonwit Teller.  Francine worked for the prestigious advertising firm of Young and Rubicam beginning in 1944 in their Radio and Television department.  
Francine with Carol Burnett

In 1964, Francine left Young and Rubicam, who encouraged her to audition for Broadway and television shows.  For the next 43 years, Francine sang, danced, and played character parts and supporting roles in radio, on and off Broadway, summer theatre, soap operas and popular television shows such as The Carol Burnett Show, All in the Family, Law & Order, Sex and the City, and more than 12 movies. 

Francine with Nathan Lane
Her extensive credits include shows and movies with an A-list of Hollywood stars and Television personalities. Francine also continued to make commercials for top brands and companies such as Staples, Post cereals, Borden, GE, Jello, Dunkin Donuts, and others.  Francine loved to go to the Screen Actors Guild and keep up with new shows and ones holding auditions.  Francine loved New York, going to the Theatre as well as performing in it, going to Premiers and after-parties with the other cast members.  Francine loved people and saw the good in others.  She continued to work as an actress until she retired in 2007.  Her last big role was as Mrs. Lefkowitz, Shirley McClaine’s (Ella’s) best friend in In Her Shoes with Cameron Diaz, Tony Collette, and Mark Feurstein in 2004.  
Francine Beers with Arthur Miller, John Randolph, Salim Ludwig
Francine’s amazing life and career spanned almost a century of Show business, from her childhood memories of Vaudeville and early Theatre, Music, Radio, the advent of Television, and the evolution of Film to the New Media technologies.  She loved being a contributor to the arts and culture of America. 

Francine with Cameron Diaz

Francine passed away peacefully Thursday, March 27, 2014, in her lovely art deco apartment on the Upper West Side where she lived for 72 years.  This diminutive, resilient, sweet, talented woman had a tremendous presence not only on stage, but in the hearts of family, friends, and fans who deeply miss her. Her wit, her optimism, and her genuine affection for others endeared her to everyone who knew her. 

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